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Free Dog Boarding Service

Free in-house dog boarding

The Trust has had many enquiries from service users, as to whether we provide free boarding facilities while they are in hospital, nursing homes or after they have passed away. Their concern for their ‘best friends’ quality of care is our concern too!

The Trust is currently fundraising for a boarding facility that provides a homey feel rather than typical kennel accommodation.

Dog relaxing on sofa
Dog in bed with toys

Dog accomodation

We are seeking a large house with suitable grounds to provide staff accommodation and in-door ‘lounge style’ boarding care, utilising comfy sofas, radios and other comforts to replicate the dogs usual home environment. Hopefully this will help with the stress of separation and anxiety experienced by both dogs and their owners at these times.

For this facility we would need to provide permanent staff and seek dedicated volunteers to make this a successful venture.

Help us provide quality dog boarding

The trustees are committed to providing only the highest standard of care for all dogs; being dog owners we understand the special relationship and life enhancement a dog’s companionship brings their owner.

These boarding facilities would be provided for a minimum weekly rate for those in receipt of State Pension and Disability Living Allowance.

If you would like to help with fundraising or to donate to this aspect of the Trust please click here.

Dog relaxing on bed
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