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Dog Fostering

Do you love dogs?
Do you have room in your home and your heart to care for a dog in their time of need?
We are desperately seeking foster carers for dogs who need a safe place to stay while their owners have to go into hospital or who are unable to care for them for a short period of time.
We are looking for kind and caring people who have experience of looking after dogs and who have time and space in their home to care temporarily for a beloved dog. We would provide you with support and pay for dog food and expenses. The dog owner must ensure the dog is insured. 
If you think you can help a dog in need or need your own dog fostering then please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.
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Mayhew – Animal welfare charity

What is Pet Refuge?

We run a Pet Refuge programme that provides shelter and care for the pets of people in crisis.

Through Pet Refuge, we are able to provide temporary care and shelter for the pets of people facing a crisis, whether that be an ongoing issue or an unexpected emergency.

This could be due to an owner being hospitalised, going to rehab or needing respite for example.

We keep people and their pets together

We ensure that the animal receives the best possible care and is placed in a safe environment for the duration of the crisis period. We can either look after the animal at our Animal Home in London or we can send a ‘guardian’ to take care of them at the owner’s house for the duration.
For many people facing a personal crisis, our service is a lifeline. 

If you would like to receive Pet Refuge support, please get in touch with our team.

020 8962 8000



Help for cats and dogs


Woodgreen can help if you need your cat looking after call 0300 3039333