The alleviation of poverty and suffering within the community The Light of the World Trust
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Within this objective we, the trustees, intend to help with the alleviation of poverty and suffering within the community of South Hants. The Light of the World Trust proposes to provide a social recreational centre for physically disabled adults/children and needy/disadvantaged children together with a day centre for people aged 55 plus within the complex.

Age Concern and voluntary organisations for physically disabled people in south Hants, report that many people within these groups complain there is nowhere they can meet each other socially, for fear of being attacked when out. Statistics obtained from the Home Office British Crime Survey states that between 2003-2004 there was a 4% increase of drug related attacks of physical violence and this is of great concern to us. Statistics also state that incidences of violence using weapons are also increasing. Elderly and physically disabled people are amongst the most vulnerable in society and we intend to provide for them a safe and peaceful environment in which they can meet socially and participate in a wide range of activities, from art and craft to learning to play an instrument and ballroom dancing. Transportation to and from the centre will be provided by the Light of the World Trust.

If you would like to make a donation towards the purchase/construction of this centre, please go to the link ‘How to Make a Donation’.

Disadvantaged children suffer from many deprivations and very often the need for love is uppermost. We will be providing areas where these children can enjoy participating in creative subjects such as crafts and model making and also develop their own God given talents and skills. For example if a child shows a natural musical aptitude, we will provide the instrument and free tuition. The same applies for children who express an interest in other subjects. Should any child like to attend Sunday school, join the Brownies, Cubs, Guides or Scouts they will be encouraged and helped to do so. Our objective in helping disadvantaged children in this way is based on our desire to encourage self confidence in children who otherwise could quite easily grow up with no confidence in themselves or their abilities. We believe that the care given by our own highly vetted, qualified staff and volunteers will provide an extra safety net in conjunction with Social Services.

It is our intention to enhance the quality of life of those who fall into these three chosen groups, by providing a safe, peaceful and friendly environment with areas for social, recreational and leisure activities.

Amongst the facilities available will be:
Arts and crafts (both traditional and ethnic), games such as snooker, chess, whist, dominoes etc, libraries (general and reference), music, light carpentry, dressmaking, embroidery, sport, IT, creative writing, gardening and gardening design, relaxation therapy, chiropody and hairdressing services will also be available. There will also be lounges for social interaction and refreshment.

The Light of the World Trust hopes to arrange regular social and recreational fixtures for these groups. These will include ballroom dances for those aged 55s plus, social evenings with supper for disabled adults and adventure/fun days for disadvantaged/needy children.

We will also endeavour to integrate disabled and able bodied adults and disabled and disadvantaged children in as many activities as possible. These will include quizzes and crafts for adults and for children, crafts and fun days with entertainers.

Amateur dramatics, will also be greatly encouraged in which everybody will be able to enjoy the fun of rehearsing together in our amateur dramatic group. Regular productions may be presented for the general public.

At all times, our highly qualified staff and volunteers, will be present to supervise activities.

Meals and refreshments will be provided by The Light of the World Trust.

People aged 55 plus and physically disabled adults will be charged a nominal membership fee of £36 per year.

On Sundays and on all seasonal Holy days, the main hall will be used for a non denominational church to which all will be warmly welcomed. Pastor Ron Matson will be available to offer the hand of friendship and support to all who visit the centre. Pastor Ron Matson’s website is

In the day to day running of the social/recreational centre, vacancies would exist for managerial, admin and care staff.



We intend raising funds in the following way:-

Seeking donations from charities, trusts, companies, local councils and the general public.
By arranging fund raising events.
With the help of volunteers on a national basis, for leaflet distribution.

Would you like to become involved in these worthwhile projects?

We urgently require volunteers for our fundraising activities, if you would like to help, you can call us on
01895 271659
or fax us on
01895 271659
or e-mail

All fund givers will be regularly updated on the current situation in respect of our objective in our mailed newsletter.

Skill, sport and recreational centre for physically disabled adults/children and needy/disadvantaged children plus day centre for the elderly